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The landscapes and geography of Scotland are among the most spectacular anywhere in the world. From the tranquil and unspoiled lochs, to the towering mountains of the Highlands, there is so much to see and do, in so many diverse locations.

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 The best way to see our beautiful country

With accommodation and hotels often hard to come by, and organising bookings in different locations a logistical nightmare, seeing Scotland in a Campervan is more pleasant, easier, and gives you the freedom and authentic taste of Scotland that coach tours, hotel stays, and day trips cannot match. We provide campervan hire in Aberdeenshire for tourists and travellers looking to truly discover Scotland

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Dycer's Dubs

Our business is a small family-ran business, dedicated to providing a seamless service from the time you place your booking until you come to hire our campervan and enjoy a wonderful holiday experience. Throughout your campervan experience, we will be just a phone call away for questions and recommendations. In this way, you can enjoy Scotland to the full through our campervan hire in Aberdeenshire.

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Our Campervan

This beautiful campervan is called Hamish, and can accommodate 4 people. He comes with a well-stocked kitchen, a pop top with windows, and awning for extra space while camping and bedding on request. If you are looking for campervan hire in Aberdeenshire, we highly recommend you rent Hamish for a week or two, or even longer, so you can really explore Scotland in your own way, taking the time you want in your favourite place.

£100 Per Day -  Low season

£120 Per Day -  High Season

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Why Stay In A Campervan?

A castle in scotland

Get to see the places you want


There are so many places to see in Scotland. From the awe inspiring escarpments on the Isle of Skye, to the untouched Glens of the Cairngorms, the most attractive thing about these places is also a problem: the lack of development. There are very few hotels, and booking them on an impromptu basis is a haphazard affair. With a campervan, your accommodation comes with you!

A deer in the Scottish wilderness

See everything up close


Unlike a coach tour or a package tour, there is no time limit to your stay in one particular place. You can climb that hill or swim in that loch as you please. Spend an extra day in a town you love. Hike a route and explore the beautiful countryside.

Visit that perfect restaurant a second or third time. Scotland is your oyster.



North East 250 in Scotland

Embrace your freedom


Whether you want to complete the North Coast 500, or the North East 250, you are free to complete it, or deviate from it at your leisure. No one is going to withhold a deposit for a late arrival and there are no extra booking fees for staying an extra night. With our campervan hire in Aberdeenshire, your campervan is your hotel, and you can run your hotel as you wish. Get to see everything you want to see, and have a varied and carefree Scottish holiday.







So many places to see and things to do

From the Cairngorms National Park, to the spectacular Isle of Skye, Scotland is waiting for you to explore. With our campervan hire in Aberdeenshire, you can have arrange a pickup in Ellen, or meet us at a major city with your campervan available for you to drive anywhere you choose.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

All you have to do is book your campervan hire here, and tell us where and when you want to arrange pickup and drop-off and we shall do the rest. Please do bring with you your driving licence and credit or debit card.

What is the campervan like?

Our campervan is a modern, eco-friendly vehicle that has everything you could possibly need to go camping and driving in Scotland. It has a pop top that allows you to look at the stars while you are camped in the wilderness, and even see the Northern Lights.

What if I don’t know where to go?

We can help you at any time during your campervan hire. Whether you need advice about the best route, or want to know the best places to visit in the locality you are in, we are always on the other end of the phone, and can give you informed and knowledgeable advice any time of the day.

Is it true that you can camp anywhere in Scotland?

Nearly! Most unenclosed land in Scotland is perfectly free to wild camp on. However, you may be asked to move from enclosed fields or private property. Nevertheless, there is an immense area where you can simply park and camp to your heart’s content.